Mango Closed Pods Vape Juice

Experience a tropical explosion with Mellow Mango, transporting your taste buds to paradise. This authentic and fulfilling flavor captures the essence of ripe and juicy mangoes, creating an irresistible vaping experience. The natural sweetness of mango is perfectly balanced with a subtle cooling sensation, delivering a refreshingly delicious taste that you can enjoy throughout the day. Mellow Mango is a top choice for those seeking the exotic allure of tropical fruits or transitioning away from tobacco flavors. Try Mellow Mango today and embark on a flavorful journey like no other.
CUE Vapor Mellow Mango Vape Pods 17MG

Mellow Mango Vape Pods

Regular price £6.99
Sale price £6.99 Regular price

  • Burst of tropical mango
  • Delightful cooling effect
  • Sweet and fruity flavour
  • 500+ puffs per pod

  • CUE Vapor Fruity Vape Pod Bundle- 6 x Vape Pods

    CUE Fruity Pod Bundle

    Regular price £38.99
    Sale price £38.99 Regular price £41.94

  • Refreshingly lush and juicy
  • Sweet and fruity flavour
  • Ripe and deliciously real
  • Six Pod Packs

  • CUE Vapor Variety Vape Pod Bundle - x 7

    CUE Variety Pod Pack Bundle

    Regular price £34.95
    Sale price £34.95 Regular price £48.93

  • Maximum satisfaction
  • Slightly sweet aftertaste
  • Delicious aftertaste
  • Seven Pod Packs

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