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CUE Recycling Club

CUE’s philosophy is built on flavour, experience and product quality
As part of our commitment to act in a responsible way, we offer you one free closed pod pack, or one free pod pack for every 20 empty pods that you return to us.
This return service is completely free of charge, so we encourage you to use it. See below for detailed instructions.
Contact us at if you want to learn more.
CUE Recycling Club | Best Vaping Devices in UK

How to Recycle your used CUE Pods:

  1. Get your free returns label
    Email us with your full name and address at Be sure to let us know how many pods you are sending us (minimum 20). We’ll send you back a free of charge postage label that you can print at home.
  2. Package your used CUE Pods
    Use a suitable sealed bag or envelope to put your pods into, keeping in mind that you need to stay within the size limits of a Royal Mail Large Letter. Attach the postage label we have sent you, and you’re ready to go!
  3. Drop at your local post office
    Drop your pods at your nearest post box of local post office. Click here to find your nearest Post Office. Once we receive the empty pods we will send you a discount code for a free pod pack for every 20 pods you’ve sent us.