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Every month 14 million disposable vapes are purchased in the UK 1). That’s 168 million a year! Every week 1.3 million disposable vapes are reportedly thrown away, which adds up to more than 10 tonnes of lithium batteries a year – equivalent to the batteries inside 1,200 electrical vehicles!
We say ‘no’ to millions of batteries ending up in a landfill near you!
Instead, we encourage you to consider the CUE device which you don’t have to dispose of whenever you run out of liquids. We also encourage you to make good use of our pod recycling program.
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How is CUE different?

Our pods are made by plastic supplied by Eastman, one of the leading plastics manufacturers in the world.
Eastman is dedicated to creating a circular economy that creates value from material waste. They have two molecular recycling technologies: carbon renewal and polyester renewal.
Recycle your pods
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