The safe premium choice that always works.

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sky blue

A playful, fun and bright choice.

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The elegant choice that stands out from the crowd.

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colour choices

Personalise your experience with your preferred Colour.

CUE 2.0 is now available in 3 vibrant, stylish and premium colours. Pick the colour that works just right for you. If you can’t make your mind up; maybe choose two?

  • Black - The safe premium choice that always works.
  • Sky Blue - A playful, fun and bright choice.
  • Sunlight - The elegant choice that stands out from the crowd.
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A truly unique device; Vaping made Easy.

Refillable Pods

Experience Cost-Efficiency and Versatility

  • Leverages our proprietary anti-leak technology.
  • Mesh coil provides enhanced flavour boost.
  • Compatible with all e-liquid types.
  • Built to be refilled 5 times (or more).
  • Pod designed to make it easy to see when it’s time to refill.
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Vaping made Easy

All our e-liquids are uniquely designed and optimised for the Cue Vapor 2.0 device to provide you with the best possible flavour experience.

  • Truly authentic flavours.
  • All our flavours meet strict UK regulations.
  • 500+ puffs per pod.
  • Fulfilling vapor and no odour.
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Bold Tobacco Vape Pods

Rich burley tobacco notes

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Chilled Menthol Vape Pods

Invigorating blast of menthol

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Smooth Tobacco Vape Pods

Virginia tobacco flavour notes

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Pure Peach Vape Pods

Refreshingly lush and juicy

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Mellow Mango Vape Pods

Burst of tropical mango

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Fresh Watermelon Vape Pods

Ripe and deliciously real

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Cool Mint Vape Pods

Icey blast that lingers

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As part of our commitment to act in a responsible way, we offer you one free closed pod pack, or 1 free refillable pod pack for every 20 pods that you return to us.

This return service is completely free of charge, so we encourage you to use it. See below for detailed instructions.

Get your free returns label by emailing us at info@cue-vapor.com with your full name and address, specifying the number of pods you're sending (minimum 20). We'll send you a postage label for free. Package your used CUE Pods in a sealed bag or envelope, ensuring it stays within the Royal Mail Large Letter size limits. Attach the postage label, and you're good to go! Drop your pods at your local post office or postbox. Once we receive your empty pods, we'll reward you with a discount code for a free 2 pod closed pod pack or 1 free refillable pod packs for every 20 pods.

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Our Mission:<br>Make positive change possible for everyone.

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