You should not experience any issues with your high-quality CUE 2.0 vape device. However, as with any electronic device, things can occasionally go wrong. The good news is that most of these problems are easily rectified, and with regular maintenance, you can avoid them occurring again in the future. If you follow our advice and your CUE 2.0 device still isn't working as it should, remember our CUE Customer Care Team is always here to help. At Cue Vapor, we work with scientists to develop products to the highest specifications, and our devices are evaluated and reviewed by independent test laboratories. However, you may still encounter a few issues along the way.

Even the highest quality vaping devices can malfunction from time to time. At Cue Vapor, we work with scientists to develop products to our specifications, and all our devices are evaluated by independent test laboratories. However, there are still a few issues you might encounter along the way.

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Assuming the pod still has liquid in it, regular cleaning ensures optimal performance of your pods. To clean a pod, detach it from the CUE 2.0 device (battery) and clean it with a soft cloth. To clean the 2 connection points at the bottom of the pod we recommend you use a cotton swab to ensure there is no debris impacting the connection to the CUE 2.0 device. If you are using a refillable pod, ensure it is filled with e-liquid, or you may need to replace the pod with a new refillable one. 


Occasionally you may insert a pod and notice that no vapor is produced when you inhale. If your CUE Vapor device is charged and this happens, all 3 LED lights will blink red. Simply remove the pod and clean the two connection points on the pod with a swab or tissue making sure they are dry and not covered by anything. Also, clean the spring loaded connection points in the device. If you experience a burnt taste, this might indicate that you need to refill your pod or replace it with a new refillable pod.


Your CUE Vapor device includes a battery which is heated while being used or re-charged. So feeling some warmth from time to time is natural. However, if the temperature of your CUE 2.0 device seems unusually high or excessive, it could be overheating. Generally this happens because you are charging your CUE 2.0 device from a charge point that has too much power; which will generate excess heat. Try charging from a less powerful source, such as your laptop or computer, and the excess heat should dissipate.


CUE Pods have been designed not to leak, and during normal use they should never leak. However, you may experience ‘dew’ on your CUE pods or CUE Vapor device if you move from a very cold place to a very warm place (for instance when coming inside during winter). In this case simply dry your CUE pod with a soft cloth (and also ensure that the 2 connection points on your CUE Vapor device are dry). Re-insert the pod firmly and you should be able to vape normally.


If the LED lights blink red, then it is time to charge your device as this indicates that the battery is discharged (if you experience 3 red blinking LED lights and you know your CUE Vapor device is charged, then please read the ‘No Vapor’ section above). When charging your device choose an appropriate charging device, such as your laptop or computer. Once connected you will see the 3 LED lights will come on and off in white, indicating how much your device is charged. When the bottom LED light is on permanently, the device is 30% charged. When the second LED light is on permanently then the device is 65% charged. When all 3 LED lights are on permanently, and no longer blinking, then your device is 100% charged. If you do not see any LED lights blinking on your CUE Vapor device contact our CUE Customer Care Team.


Charge using the USB Type C cable provided in your CUE Vapor device package. Insert one end of the USB C cable into the Cue vape device charge port and the other into an appropriate electrical charge point, such as your laptop or computer. If your device is still not charging try a different charge point. If that doesn’t help please contact the CUE Customer Care Team.

For further information on setup, trouble shooting. You can view CUE 2.0 Device User Manual PDF by clicking on the button below.

CUE 2.0 Device User Manual

For further information on setup, trouble shooting. You can view CUE 2.0 Refillable Pods User Manual PDF by clicking on the button below.

CUE 2.0 Refillable Pods User Manual

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