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What is vaping?

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Vapes are electronic devices that allow adult smokers to inhale nicotine in a vapour, instead of smoke. The e-liquids used in vape devices come in different flavours and nicotine levels. According to the NHS “... nicotine vaping is substantially less harmful than smoking ...”. To read more about what the NHS website says about vaping as an alternative to smoking click here.
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What does Public Health England say about vaping?

  • The best thing smokers can do for their health is stop smoking and to quit for good. 1)
  • E-cigarettes around 95% less harmful than tobacco. 2)
  • Nearly half the population (44.8%) don’t realise e-cigarettes are much less harmful than smoking. 2)
  • When used as intended, e-cigarettes pose no risk of nicotine poisoning to users. 3)
  • While vaping may not be 100% safe, most of the chemicals causing smoking-related disease are absent and the chemicals which are present pose limited danger. 4)
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Learn more by visiting the NHS site on vaping
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Is vaping suitable for me?

Vaping, as an alternative to smoking, should only be considered by adult (18+) smokers. Vaping is not for non-smokers or anyone below the age of 18. If you are an adult smoker, you can learn more about vaping by visiting the below links.
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