The Evolution of Vaping: A Cue Vapor Journey

The Evolution of Vaping: A Cue Vapor Journey

The Evolution of Vaping: A Cue Vapor Journey


The last ten years have seen vaping take the world by storm. It moved from being just a pastime for a few people into something that has now replaced smoking traditionally. The main thing that has greatly contributed to this is the way vaping devices have been redesigned especially pod-style devices such as the Cue Vapor 2.0 vape kit. This blog will trace back how far this technology has evolved, reminding us about some key milestones within this area. The boost from pod-style systems is one of them.

Early days

The concept of vaping can be traced back to the early 2000s when the first modern e-cigarette was invented. This creation aimed to provide a healthier alternative to smoking by delivering nicotine through vapour rather than combustion. Early devices were designed to mimic traditional cigarettes, commonly known as cig-a-likes. These devices had limited battery life and vapour production.

The Rise

Vaping has become more popular over time and the need for more customisable, more powerful vaping devices has increased. The result was that personal vaporisers and mods were invented. They came with large batteries, the possibility to vary voltage as well as wattage from time to time and use various types of e-liquids. Sub-ohm vaping was introduced in 2015 bringing higher vapour production and unique flavours but with significant downfalls such as larger sizes.

The Birth of Pod-Style Devices

Pod-style devices stem from the need for more user-friendly products. The vaping industry introduced pod-style devices because they wanted products that could easily attract users. These were small, simple systems that sought to fill in the blank between cig-a-likes and advanced mods. The main idea behind this concept was that instead of filling up e-liquids in tanks of typical e-cigarettes, vapers could only insert pre-filled or refillable pods. If you run low on juice, you can always buy a pod or two and replace them. This means no leaking messes resulting from repeated unscrewing and screwing back your tank to change the coil.


If you are an experienced vaper or interested in vaping in general, knowing the development of vaping and the growth of pod-style devices will help you understand this vibrant industry that changes so quickly. Click here to purchase the most exciting pod-style device on the market!

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