MIST Calls the Cue 2.0 Kit “A Simple Slab of Satisfaction"

MIST Calls the Cue 2.0 Kit “A Simple Slab of Satisfaction"

CUE Vapor is thrilled to announce that MIST, a distinguished vape reviewer, has conducted a thorough review of our CUE 2.0 Kit, hailing the device as a “simple slab of satisfaction.”

In the review, Aiden Atken, MIST’s in-house vape reviewer, lauded the device’s robust build quality, describing it as "remarkably sturdy."

Atken also commended the kit's ease of use, particularly the device’s fast ignition speed, which ensures an immediate vaping experience with no wasted inhales. But what surprised Atken the most was Cue 2.0’s flavour output.

He exclaimed, “I found the taste exceptionally clear, no doubt thanks to the vertical mesh coils pre-installed in the pods with top-grade wicks that impart no impurities upon the flavour of my favourite e-liquids.”

Overall, MIST awarded the Cue 2.0 Kit an overall score of four out of five, with build quality receiving the top score, followed by performance, flavour output, and ease of use.

You can read MIST’s in-depth review here.
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