How to Refill Your Cue 2.0 Vape Device: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Refill Your Cue 2.0 Vape Device: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Refill Your Cue 2.0 Vape Device: A Step-by-Step Guide

Many vapers prefer pod-style e-cigarettes because they are simple and easy to carry around. Discrete pods can be used in Cue Vapors pod system, and they can be refilled for less money and more flavour. As well as refillable pods which you can pair with your own e-liquid Cue Vapor have a variety of pre-filled pods too. This blog will teach you on how exactly to change those pods.

1.  Get all of your supplies ready you should ensure you get everything you will need ready before you begin. Take your Cue 2.0 Vape Device and E-liquid flavours of your choice. You will need a piece of paper or cloth to clean any spills. If you don't want them dirty, wear gloves.

2. Extract the pod from the device carefully remove the pod that is in the main body of your Cue device. The pod will simply pull out, no need to be unscrewed, twisted or button pressed.

3. Find the fill ports identify fill ports on your pod. Typically these are closed using a rubber or silicon plug to cater for any probable leakage. Carefully remove or lift up this plug exposing the fill ports but remember not to damage it because you will need it for refilling purposes.

4. Pour your chosen E-Liquid into the Cue Pod. Using the nozzle on your e-liquid bottle, gently fill the pod. You should not fill it too much or else it may leak.

5. Put the fill plug back into place when you have finished pouring in the e-liquid, securely replace the rubber/silicone plug ensuring no leakage.

6. Clean the Cue Pod wipe down any e-liquid that may have spilled while refilling using either a tissue or cloth. To maintain high performance levels, it is vital that both the pod and device are kept clean.

7. Re attach the pod unto main body of your Cue device slowly. Make sure it’s properly sealed and connected.

Your vaping experience can be greatly improved when you refill a pod-style e-cigarette. If you fill e-liquid according to these steps, you can save money while having more influence on what is put into your device’s tank. Enjoy vaping!


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