How Long Has Vaping Been Around?

How Long Has Vaping Been Around?

Vaping has become a common sight today, with more people embracing this alternative nicotine solution. However, the journey of vaping to its present popularity wasn't an overnight success; it underwent significant advancements and challenges. Let's take a trip down memory lane and explore the timeline of vaping, from its humble beginnings to the innovations that shape it today.

1927: The Seed is Sown
The concept of vaping was first introduced in 1927 by Joseph Robinson, who patented a device called the 'Mechanical Butane Ignition Vaporizer.' Though the idea was ahead of its time, it remained undiscovered for several decades.

1963: Herbert A Gilbert's Vision
In 1963, Herbert A Gilbert breathed new life into vaping by creating a non-combustible cigarette alternative. However, the lack of modern appeal limited its success, but Gilbert's idea laid the foundation for future developments.

1980s: Putting 'Vaping' on the Map
Phil Ray and Normal Jacobson worked on commercializing e-cigarettes in the 1980s. They introduced a device that resembled a cigarette and offered a non-combustible nicotine experience, effectively putting the term 'vaping' in the spotlight.

2001: Hon Lik's Innovation
Hon Lik, a pharmacist from China, revolutionized vaping after personal tragedy struck. He designed a device that vaporized a liquid called propylene glycol, aiming to replicate the sensation of inhaling tobacco smoke. Lik's creation paved the way for modern e-cigarettes, aided by advancements in technology and lithium batteries.

2006: Vaping Makes Its Way to Europe
In 2006, vaping made its debut in Europe, marking a significant step forward for the industry. Europeans now had access to this alternative nicotine solution, and its popularity began to grow steadily across the continent.

2007: Vapes Enter the US Market
The year 2007 witnessed the entry of vapes into the US market. With the introduction of e-cigarettes in the United States, vaping started gaining traction and capturing the attention of consumers seeking a safer alternative to traditional smoking.

2008: Vaping Introduced to the UK
In 2008,the UK welcomed the arrival of vaping, adding another country to the growing list of nations adopting this alternative to smoking. As e-cigarettes made their way into the British market, people in the UK had the opportunity to explore vaping as a potential solution for their nicotine needs. The introduction of vaping in the UK further fueled the industry's expansion, leading to greater awareness and acceptance among smokers looking for a potentially safer and more enjoyable way to consume nicotine.

Innovations and Components
Since Lik and Gilbert's contributions, there have been several breakthroughs and add-on inventions in the vaping industry. Innovations like 'modding' by Ted and Matt Rogers and combining cartridges and atomizers into a single cartomizer by Umer and Tariq Sheikh have further enriched the vaping experience.

Regulations in the UK
With vaping's growing popularity, robust regulations were introduced in the UK to ensure safety and quality. E-cigarettes must adhere to strict safety standards and accurate labelling of ingredients. Marketing restrictions and age limits prevent underage use and protect consumers.

Vaping Today
Vaping has gained significant ground in England, with around 6% of adults embracing it, amounting to approximately 2.7 million vapers. The number of smokers opting for e-cigarettes has risen over the years, contributing to a decline in the percentage of smokers who smoke and vape simultaneously.

The Future of Vaping
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In conclusion, vaping's journey has been a story of progress and improvement, transforming it into a widely embraced alternative to traditional smoking. With continuous advancements and adherence to regulations, the vaping landscape promises to evolve and provide even better experiences for vapers worldwide. Discover CUE's bestselling vapes and e-liquids for a delightful vaping journey of your own.

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