Different Vape Devices for Beginners

Different Vape Devices for Beginners

What is the difference between a vape and an e-cigarette?

The initial name for the vaping device was "e-cigarette" (or simply "e-cig"). The terms "vape" and "vape device" have become common over time. These phrases are now interchangeable.

Vape devices

Although there are many different types of vape products, they all share the following characteristics:

Battery or device: This supplies the energy required to heat the coil. This holds the vape liquid and is connected to the battery as a cartridge, pod, or tank.

Coil: The heating element that heats the vape juice to produce vapour is located inside the pod or tank.

Vape device types (and which is right for you)

Choosing a vape device that will suit your needs can be challenging because there are so many different types of them. Additionally, there is some crossover between various device categories. The main categories of vape products are described below, along with some of their advantages and disadvantages.


Cigarettes that look and feel like them are called cigalikes. They use disposable cartridges, have rechargeable batteries, and are inhale activated.


  • Very easy to use
  • Closely resemble a cigarette
  • Compact, fit easily into a pocket


  • Limited flavour choice
  • More expensive in the long run than refillable systems
  • Less vapour than other kinds of device


In recent years, disposable vapes have become more and more common. They contain a non-rechargeable battery, fixed coil, and a predetermined amount of vape juice in a single, ready-to-use device that is discarded after use.


  • Convenience
  • A good introduction to vaping for those who haven’t tried it before


  • Although initially cheap, very expensive over the long term.
  • Disposing of a battery (which can be recharged 300 times) after a single use is bad for the environment. 

Pod systems

A pod that houses the coil and liquid for vaping and a device that houses the battery are the two components of a pod system. Typically, the pod attaches to the battery section. Simple, buttonless systems with fixed coils are the most basic type of pod device.

The distinction between open and closed systems should be considered when selecting a pod device. When the coil burns out or the vape juice runs out, closed systems like the CUE come with a fixed-coil, non-refillable pod, which requires that the entire pod be replaced.



  • Range of choice to suit different needs
  • Easier to use & more compact than most mod devices


  • Not enviromently friendly, unless the supplier has a reycling scheme 

Vape pens

consist of a tank or pod and a device that houses the battery. They typically resemble the pen that gives them their name and are long and thin. Vape pens are also available with open and closed system options, just like pod devices.


  • Easy to use – usually have just one or two buttons
  • Usually light and compact
  • Most come with a 510 connection – meaning they can be paired with different vape tanks & coils


  • Less functionality than mods
  • Lower battery life than mods and some pod devices
  • Less vapour than mods and pod mods

Mod kits

Compared to other vape kits, mod kits are bigger and (typically) more powerful. Additionally, they frequently offer both fixed and replaceable batteries and typically have a longer battery life. Mods can be anything from basic, beginner-friendly gadgets to more complex, expert-level gadgets with multiple modes.


  • Long-lasting batteries and choice of fixed/replaceable
  • Lots of options for advanced/techy vapers
  • Best options for vapers who prefer clouds
  • Most have a 510 connection, meaning they can be paired with different tanks


  • Can have a steeper learning curve than other devices
  • Not usually as compact as other devices
  • Bulkier and heavier than other devices

Which vape device should new vapers buy?

If you’re new to vaping, the key is to select a starter kit. This can be a cigalike, vape pen, a pod device or a simple mod kit. These devices are easy to use and have less power (meaning there is less to go wrong!). They are also economical to run.

At CUE our target customer is only new vapers so our device and liquids are tailied for beginners.

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