Best Vape For Heavy Smokers - The Ultimate Guide

Best Vape For Heavy Smokers - The Ultimate Guide

Best Vape For Heavy Smokers - The Ultimate Guide
An appropriate high quality vape kit is our recommended first step for heavy smokers. Most heavy smokers who have tried vape pens, vape kits, or disposable devices have discovered that these small, underpowered devices are inadequate for their needs. These devices rarely provide satisfaction if you are a heavy smoker or smoke cigarettes with high nicotine levels.

Chain smokers also puff more frequently than casual smokers, meaning they require more nicotine more often. To help you find an alternative to smoking you should research the market and choose the best stop-smoking alternative to meet your needs.

We have outlined the following factors to help you decide on your next vape kit. We list some useful information about choosing the best vaping product available on the market. Consider the following factors when choosing a vape if you are a heavy smoker: 

1. Method of Vaping
Vaping products are developed to meet two unique styles of vaping. They are 'mouth to lung' and 'direct to lung'. If you are a smoker looking for an alternative to cigarettes the 'mouth-to-lung' devices give you a throat hit and overall experience that better mimics smoking a cigarette.

2. Airflow
The airflow of the vape device should be suited to you as a heavy smoker. You may want a device where you can control the airflow - or put differently the resistance to draw. Some devices allow you to do this by moving your fingers across holes in the tanks or pods while other devices allow you to change settings elsewhere on the tank or pod. You may not get the most out of your vaping experience if the airflow isn't perfect for you.

3. Usability
PHE (Public Health England) state Vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes. Choose a device that operates in a straightforward and easy manner. A device that doesn't require you to faff around with dials and settings is always easier to use. Find a vaping device that you can take straight out of your pocket and start puffing without having to do anything. That is how a vaping device should be!

4. Nicotine Levels
Your nicotine intake determines what kind of smoker you are! The amount of nicotine you need is higher for heavy smokers than it is for casual smokers. Consider a device that is tailored towards smokers such as CUE, which also has cigarette like tobacco flavours.

5. Vape Juice Flavour
Vape flavours come in varieties. There are many options menthol or tobacco-flavoured pods are very popular with new users. As they are similar to cigarettes. Additionally, each time your current flavour is finished, you can switch to a different flavour. When you consistently smoke a different flavour, it gives you a different shift for your taste buds.

Vaping is made easy with CUE Vapor
CUE Vapor vape kits are dedicated to creating a world where people have the means to achieve their goals. We are here to help you on your quest for progress. Giving you the best vape products is what we do. Helping you find alternatives to smoking at a pace that's comfortable for you. The CUE Vapour System is authorised and licenced in accordance with EU and UK regulations. The system operates with a tick-in, pre-filled, sealed cartridge and was designed for heavy to occasional smokers.

Key Pod features

Intended to give the greatest flavour:
Every one of our pods is meticulously planned and optimised for the CUE Vapour device to provide you with the best possible flavour.

Switch effectively between flavours:
You can easily switch flavours, each of our pods, and the names of the flavours imprinted on them. Removing the need to worry about which flavour is which.

Positively no fragrance and satisfying vapour:
CUE Vapour provides vapour on exhalation that mimics that of a cigarette, giving you a satisfying mouthfeel with no uncontrolled odour.

Adult smokers and adult consumers of nicotine products are the target market for CUE electronic cigarettes. They should not be used by anyone under the age of 18, anyone who is hypersensitive to nicotine, any woman who is pregnant or nursing, anyone who needs to abstain from tobacco or nicotine products due to a medical condition, and anyone who has diabetes, hypertension, or a heart condition.

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